Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I give you my prescription?

There are three ways:

1.) Upload a prescription: If you have a prescription from your optometrist, simply upload it to our system. Once you pick a frame, there will be a button for you to upload your prescription.

2.) Use your existing customer record: If you have bought from Owndays within the last 12 months, we will have your record on file. Once you pick a frame, tell us which store and approximately when you bought your frame so we can check your record.

3.) Send us your current glasses: If you want us to copy the grade of your current glasses, select this option upon checkout. One of our staff members will contact you to give you an address where you can send your eyeglasses. Once we have copied the prescription, we will ship you back your old glasses with your order.


  • How can I pay?

At the moment we only accept credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA, or JCB). We will be exploring other payment methods soon.


  • How long will it take?

Metro Manila: 1-3 days

Outside Metro Manila: 4-7 days

*It will take an additional 5-7 days if your lenses are not in stock, for example: Lenses with very high grade or astigmatism, progressive lenses, transition lenses.

**Please expect additional delays because of COVID-19

  • How much is shipping?

Free for all orders.


  • What is your return and warranty policy?

Please see our warranty policy: